Nixon And Hogan In Brony Bros

Gang! For the FIRST TIME in TEN long years, there’s some NEW honest to god damn HACK MOVIES FRESHNESS to share! Nixon And Hogan In Brony Bros!

Check this short promo piece then get your buttholes over to IndieGoGo and help us blow past these stretch-ass goals so we can throw them stretch-goal goodies into your order-piece!


Nixon And Hogan Meet Pennywise! (WEBCOMIC)

Gang! We are just ONE WEEK away from the launch of our INDIEGOGO campaign for DEAD SHIT: The COMIC BOOK the complete 3 issue series! To celebrate, Nixon and Hogan are meeting Pennywise The Motherfucking Dancing Clown in this quicky webtoon!

Enjoy, Strangeheads, and remember to come back here next Tuesday, September 17th to jump in and grab your comics! Come in early and DEEP in those high-end tiers to help quickly unlock the RAD stretch goals for ALL backers!

Dead Shit Issue 3 Preview!

Gang! We’re just over a WEEK away from our Saturday, August 17th NOON CST IndieGoGo launch of DEAD SHIT: The Comic Book Complete series!

All 3 issues have been written, illustrated and printed! ALL THREE issues are ready to ship into your mighty hand-pieces! This is a NO RISK campaign that includes the 32 page first issue, 36 page second issue and massive, double sized 52 page third issue! That’s 120 pages of Strangeville comic book chaos!

You’ll be able to snatch all three together, or individually if you’re one of the fresh Strangeheads and Hack Minions who grabbed up the first two issues in our MEGA SUCCESSFUL first IndieGoGo campaign from earlier this year!

If you got in on that freshness, you KNOW we’re going to have some BADASS stretch goal goodies/combo packs waiting for that ass as well as hilarious campaign videos over on our YouTube channel!

To get y’all as hyped up as possible for the launch, we’re dropping a TEN PAGE preview-piece of DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK Issue 3!

Peep this sucker out, then come back here at NOON Central time on Saturday August 17th and jump into our campaign FULL TILT to make sure we hit all of our crazy stretch goals!

For now, peep your weak and unsuspecting eyeball pieces on the EXTREMELY NSFW first ten pages of issue 3!!!