Merry Strangemas Book Sale


Gaaaaang! This leftover SHB inventory has GOT TO GO to make room for the new Strange Fiction inventory coming later this month. So we’re doing MAD SALES for the entire month of December. It’s the STRANGEmas Book Sale! We’ll be doing these weird combos all month long.

The first sale is a bundle of the A VERY STRANGEHOUSE CHRISTMAS anthology, the BLOOD FOR YOU: A LITERARY TRIBUTE TO GG ALLIN anthology, and a copy of my 2009 feature length film COCKHAMMER all for just 15 bucks postage PPAAAAIID!

These are signed and personalized books sent straight from me, to you. As such, I’m selling them through paypal. Send dat 15 bucks to and make sure to include your shipping address in the notes! There are only 3 bundles of this combo left. After that, we’ll put together another combo till those books are gone, and so on ALL MONTH LONG!


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