McHumans Full Audio Book For Patreon

It’s a new month and our patrons get a brand new book in full while it’s being serialized week-to-week on the main READING TO STRANGERS podcast. The regular listeners have to wait four full weeks to hear the complete book, but Patrons get the whole thing, up front, commercial free!

McHumans is a batshit crazy Lovecraftian bizarro novella about a kid named Ricky who survives the aquapocalypse long enough to get roped into catering Cthulhu’s big end of the world banquet bash. Only Ricky has other things in mind for Big Green!

For only 1 dollar a month, that’s 12 dollars a YEAR you can listen to this and a grip of other Patreon exclusive podcasts, plus read exclusive stories and even get exclusive chap books JUST for being a Patron of the Strange!

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