Kevin Strange’s New Periscope Show Motivational Strange


Gang! Technology rocks! Here’s my brand new show, MOTIVATIONAL STRANGE on the Periscope app! What the fuck is Periscope you ask? It’s a twitter app for your cell phone that allows you to broadcast live streaming video! BUT the video only exists for 24 hours, then disappears into the void like a wannabe necromancer  sucked into the black depths after fucking up some kind of end-of-the-world type incantation! Yes, it’s THAT serious!

What the fuck was I talking about? Oh yeah, so I’m going to do these little Periscope shows in the morning (noonish, let’s be real) to help inspire my writerly buddies, and myself, to get our writing day started off right! I hope you’ll subscribe to my Periscope channel: @KevinTheStrange and help me enjoy some #MotivationalStrange!

Peace gang!

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