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A wise friend ofSnapchat-6858734831345374570 mine told me this week that if social media dorks were getting me so worked up, I should focus on my website where all the social media traffic is coming anyway.

So I started looking around here, kicking up the cobwebs and doing some virtual inventory. I realized I’ve been doing quite a few movie reviews and cool lists lately, but there’s no actual archive or database here to look those up! You either see them in the news feed when I post them, or they vanish forever. That’s not how a website is supposed to work…

So I created a new page here at the ole called “Reviews.” Here you’ll be able to access every movie review or cool cult movie list I create, with the newest review appearing at the top of the page, and then chronologically in order after that. Why I didn’t do this from the very beginning is anybody’s guess.

But that’s not the only change coming to the site. I used to work very hard at maintaining one of the best, most up to date websites in the cult underground. And while I do post here often, I don’t think I’m utilizing my internet space to its full potential.

In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to add a “Stories” section. Here, I’ll post free stories from my short story collections and create new free flash fiction pieces from time to time that will be website exclusive. I may also do a serialized novella or novelette if the mood strikes me.

But what’s really got me excited is the idea of a paid portion of the “Stories” section where I post hot and steamy original erotica stories. I don’t know what I’ll charge yet. Probably like 5.99 for a month of access to the entire paid story archive. I don’t know. I’m going to play with it first and see what happens.

Either way, expect a lot more organization and a lot more content to appear here at as we move forward, and a lot less activity from me on dork central social media. Your boy Kevin Strange just doesn’t have time for that nonsense.

Oh, and did you notice the new site banner? All The Toxic Waste From My Heart: Stories by Kevin Strange, bitch. September 17th, only from!

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