We did it, ya’ll! We climbed inside some custom made, radiation proof mech suits and pried open the toxic and decaying doors of the Strangeville vault and we meticulously plucked out the Hack Movies!

What does that really mean? It really means that for the first time EVER, you can buy the Hack Movies on retail quality DVDs! All seven classic Strangeville tales of exploitation, murder, sex, monsters and mutants are BACK ON SALE!

Already own them all because you’re a convention ninja from back in the day who scooped them all up when they were brand new? Well, even YOU don’t have them like this!

Every DVD comes with fresh ass DVD art and a special insert with a promo code (that I blacked out here cause you don’t get it that easy, sucka!) for 30% off a book purchase at the Strange Fiction square store. That’s called sinergy, bitch! Click here to buy the Hack Movies on DVD!

As if that news nearly 10 years in the making wasn’t big enough, we’re also unleashing a SLEW of brand new merchandise onto your fragile cranial accessories! A FULL line of Hack Movies and Kevin The Strange merch is now available through the professional merch wizards at Galloree! Click here to get your merch on!

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning, gang. We still have more huge updates for you from the Strange Fiction side of Strangeville in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled right here at KevinTheStrange Dot Com for MORE!