WWS 22: Legend Movie Review

This week the Strangers visit 1985’s Ridley Scott fantasy epic LEGEND starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry and a bunch of weird midgets. We talk about the prevalent themes, Rob Bottin’s amazing special effects makeup and a bunch of juicy behind the scenes tidbits.

There’s even a section that goes completely off the rails in order to explore the lack of morality in atheism and the nihilistic nature of most modern cinema.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and remember to always keep watching, gang!

WWS 21: Blazing Saddles

A decade or two ago, talking about a movie like this wouldn’t have been a big deal at all. In today’s politically charged culture? Well, we’re fucking WATCHING WITH STRANGERS and we’re gonna talk about whatever the fuck we want. Join us, won’t you, as we discuss the Mel Brooks classic western comedy cult classic BLAZING SADDLES!

Remember, gang, keep watching!

WWS 20: Dead Heat Movie Review

Kevin and Travis get weird as fuck this week with the 1988 Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams action/horror/comedy flick DEAD HEAT. This whopper even has a cameo from the legendary Vincent Price!

We cut through all the rotten flesh to find the juicy bits of this quirky genre hybrid as only WATCHING WITH STRANGERS can. We hope you join us for another stroll down 80s cult cinema lane this week, gang. And remember:

Keep watching!