RTS 27: Strangeville Lives

Welcome back to Strangeville, gang! Contrary to what twitter trolls may think, I continue to walk this mortal coil, giving them weekly podcast topics to talk about since their own lives are clearly too boring to discuss.

We have a great show for you this week. Joining us in studio are Sean and Katie Ferrari, the husband and wife team who edit the Strange Fiction books here in Strangeville.

We take a nice trip down memory lane, talking about how we all met before we delve into stories about the next Kevin Strange book release, a novel called BEETLE BRAIN and they discuss the possibility of a Hack Movies reunion screening AND possible new feature length film.

Shit ain’t ever gonna stop around here gang, no matter what the cat ladies and trolls may tell you. Strangeville is a state of mind. Strangeville is forever. Keep reading.

RTS 26: Is Kevin Strange Quitting?

Join us on this very emotional episode of READING TO STRANGERS where Kevin opens up to Jeremy Maddux about some of the behind the scenes issues that have driven him to create this podcast and fight back against the social stigma pushed on him by former friends, business partners and people who once called him a close peer.

This is NOT the episode of RTS to miss, gang. Keep reading.

RTS 25: Wonderland Award Predictions

On this, the 25th episode of Reading To Strangers, The Quiet Place podcast host Jeremy Maddux subs in for regular co-host Jeremy Daniels while he’s on vacation.

Kevin and Jeremy briefly discuss current events before throwing to the 5th part of Kevin’s robot apocalypse novella COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.)

Back in the apocalypse, Computerface must form an uneasy alliance between himself and his human captors as the robot army closes in for the kill! Will they survive the onslaught? Tune in to find out!

As promised, after the break Kevin and Jeremy dive deep down the rabbit hole that is the Wonderland Award for Excellence in Bizarro Fiction, how it’s presented, how voting works, why these methods are flawed and much more including their predictions and analysis of each 1st ballot nominee. Click here to cast your own vote for the Wonderland award 2017. 

If you’re a fan of bizarro fiction, you NEED to listen to this episode. And don’t forget, gang, to keep reading!