Beetle Brain Pre-Order Now Available

Gang! Holy shit! It’s finally here! Just six short months after the release of Kevin Strange’s weird mutant romance novel I Died In A Bed Of Roses comes his return to the world of extreme horror fiction with his brand new novel Beetle Brain!

If you’re a fan of the hardcore shit, I mean the full-on murder sex, ultra-violent, nonstop gorefests, this is the book for you! It’s also Kevin’s longest novel to date, clocking in just shy of 45,000 words. That’s 203 pages of big tits, sharp talons and bucket after bucket of bodily fluid.

And now, for a limited time, you can own this tome of concentrated death-jizz signed, personalized AND shipped to you for a mere 15 dollars if you buy the pre-order in the Strange Fiction Square store.

But this wouldn’t be a Kevin Strange novel pre-sale without some kind of Strangehead hookup, now would it? Of course not! So if you pre-order Beetle Brain in the next week, you’ll get another Kevin Strange novel absolutely free! Just list which book from the Strange Fiction catalog you’d like alongside the new freshness in the comments upon checkout. It’s that easy! Then, on September 1st, we’ll ship your books to you.

You ready to get weird, gang? Pre-order Beetle Brain now!