COCKHAMMER LIVES! Preview Comic Book Cover

Gang, ever since I was an 8 year old boy, all I ever wanted to do was draw pictures of monsters and watch horror movies. Back then, in the late 80s, there was no internet, no social media, there was just me, my TV and VCR, and a blank piece of paper.

I dreamed of drawing comics like SPAWN, THE MAXX, PITT and all the other cool comic book monsters in my collection. I never got very good and when puberty hit, I put down the pencil, picked up the bong and started chasing big plump asses.

I wouldn’t come back around to drawing comics until well after I was an established underground cult movie legend and infamous bizarro fiction novelist.

And honestly? I couldn’t have planned it any better. Today, with the Strangeville Universe well established for more than 15 years, fans all over the world and access to the entire planet through the internet, I get to draw monsters every single day for more people than little 8 year old me could have ever dreamed.

I have more technology in my house to write, design, pencil, ink, letter, color and print comic books than my idols of the 80s and 90s had in their entire studios.

I get to expand my batshit weirdo universe of stoners, monsters, hitmen, perverts and big booty sluts more and more with every passing day. I’m like a child again. I laugh every day at the absurdity of my strange little world and its kooky inhabitants.

If this ain’t heaven, I don’t know what is, gang. Here’s the cover of the preview comic for COCKHAMMER LIVES! the graphic novel. The big book will be 150 pages, perfect bound and it’ll come out next year through crowdfunding.

First we’re gonna launch the STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED collectible card game (finally) and as a bonus stretch goal, we’re gonna give you guys a 32 page floppy preview comic. It’s the first act of the graphic novel, if you will, right along with the card game!

I don’t have a solid date for the release of the game yet but it will be within the month, if everything goes right. Till then, check out the cover for COCKHAMMER LIVES! PART 1: THE MEAT PORTAL!

*UPDATED* The Bizarro Wars Have Gone Spiritual!

*Update: Due to a series of satanic hexes and curses no doubt brought on by a gaggle of demonic goth babes, (or a crappy merch dealer) the only way you can buy the Galloree version of the BIZARRO SUCKS T-Shirt is with the paypal option. We’ve had an email out to the site since Friday to fix the problem but haven’t received a response.

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Gang, if you’re a frequent visitor to Strangeville then you know one of my favorite past times is antagonizing those sanctimonious weirdos over in Bizarro Fiction.

Things cooled off for quite a while when I took an extended hiatus from social media to focus on growing up my skills in the art department, and opening brand new horizons in the Strangeville Multiverse.

Well those multiversal forces have collided and now the Bizarro Wars have gone spiritual! Check out this sick cartoon strip satirizing a recent dumb feud between me and Bizarro cast off Jeff Burk.

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Earthworm Jim Creator Doug Tennapel visits Strangeville!

Weird attracts weird, gang. It was only a matter of time before Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tennapel found himself wandering the streets of downtown Strangeville!

He didn’t wander long, though as Kevin Strange and The Quiet Place hosts Jeremy Maddux and Zak Mcgaha showed him the sights.

Check out the whole interview here starting at around the 1 hour mark of last night’s Strange Stream!