TQP 09: Ben Garrison

In the opening moments, Maddux revisits the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 where Hitler would first capture the imagination of the German public upon his arrest for treason.

Then, we get down to brass tacks as legendary artist Ben Garrison talks about his struggles with the denizens of 4chan and their misappropriation of his arts for anti-semitic ends.

Next time: Avialae Horton of The Revolutionary Conservative to explain how pagan conservativism is possible, and also her ongoing goal to #UniteTheRight.

TQP 05: CNN, Say-a Goodbye to Reza!

Well, this one is sure to lose some listeners, but Jeremy Maddux loses a bit more of his mind in the opening segment as he weighs in on the firing of CNN ‘journalist’ Reza Aslan, who had recently eaten an actual, real life human brain as part of his new ‘Believer’ tv show.

Then, Maddux is joined by popular youtube personality Capn Cummings to talk about the social justice warriors infecting the comic book medium.

Also, a preview of next week’s show where Jeremy plans to honor Alan Berg, a talk radio host who was murdered in his driveway by members of white nationalist group The Order thirty years ago.

For more Capn Cummings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6G3GZ0yhXkR1vl6BCPegw

and his livestream account: