TQP 14: Special Report: Before and After Unite the Right with Based Southern Belle

The first fifteen minutes were recorded Friday afternoon as Based Southern Belle was arriving at the Unite the Right rally.

The next clip that lasts for the duration is her recalling the war zone that Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy created by telling police to stand down, who proceeded to block all conservatives from any other exit but through the mindless hordes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter vandals and thugs. Mainstream media, in their desperation, will omit the truth in favor of all the sensationalism they can muster.

TQP 12: Christopher Boyle Vs. The Education System

Joining Maddux this week is President Emeritus of the Cal State Fullerton Republican club who’s spitting red pills like a pharmacy. He’s here to talk about how he had to take an aggressive college professor to the ground after he assaulted a student that happened to be a Trump supporter. From here, Chris initiated citizen’s arrest and reveals the fate of the teacher who took ‘school of hard knocks’ a bit too literally.

Maddux also covers a company in the news recently for holding the distinction of being the first company to offer RFID microchips to their employees. At the close of the show, Maddux finds a way to reset time so things make sense again.

Music provided by Love Under Will (Sludgenstein) and Purple-Planet (Trail of Tears



TQP 11: In the Court of the Vore King (with Raymond Whalen)

This week, we’re covering the woman eating monster fetish known as Vorarephilia with Raymond Whalen, the subject of a new documentary called Vore King. We also talk about Cannibal Holocaust, Faces of Death, clown fetish porn, pro wrestling, his time with a traveling sideshow and spend a long stretch deliberating on the topic of facesitting, which Maddux is totally not into.

Next time: California Republican Chris Boyle and his problems on campus at Fullerton Cal State.