TQP 17: Righting the Alt Right with Davis Aurini

On this episode, science fiction author, documentary filmmaker and philosopher Davis Aurini stops by to talk with Maddux about out of control technologies, the dynamics between men and women, American and Canadian corruption, the Alt Right, Google censorship and contributing to the people in your life instead of just being rampant consumerists.

Maddux also reviews The Bear Comes Home by Rafi Zabor.

TQP Ep 16: The Nazi News Network (Also: Penis!)

In this episode, we test Brian Keene’s theory that using the word ‘penis’ in a show description can get you banned from iTunes. Also, we share 16 Pseudonazi podcasts you SHOULDN’T be listening to… Xenophobia permeates this podcast! Finally, I cough up a goblin.

TQP 11: In the Court of the Vore King (with Raymond Whalen)

This week, we’re covering the woman eating monster fetish known as Vorarephilia with Raymond Whalen, the subject of a new documentary called Vore King. We also talk about Cannibal Holocaust, Faces of Death, clown fetish porn, pro wrestling, his time with a traveling sideshow and spend a long stretch deliberating on the topic of facesitting, which Maddux is totally not into.

Next time: California Republican Chris Boyle and his problems on campus at Fullerton Cal State.