Kevin Strange’s Summer Speed Writing Class Now Forming!

Great fiction does not have to take years to write! Brilliance in prose does not require tortured hours, dozens of drafts, second guessing and self-loathing! Throw that tired shit right out the window and learn how to write FAST solid stories with rich, compelling characters and plots that will make your readers’ heads spin with the Strange Writing technique!

Award-winning novelist Kevin Strange, author of over 18 books, will take you on an intimate, month long workshop journey featuring hands-on and energetic weekly hour-long lectures that will teach you to trust your instincts, unlock your creativity and get those precious words down on paper faster than you ever dreamed possible!

Using Google Hangouts, classes will meet for one hour on Saturday afternoons wherein Kevin will lay out his techniques in a comfortable, conversational style that will leave you inspired, confident and ready to write all of the amazing stories that have remained locked inside your head due to negative mindset, fear and second-guessing.

At the end of the month you will have written a short story that Kevin will then edit and return to you with tips, tricks and pointers on how to get it published. And one lucky student will win the workshop prize for best story and get the next Kevin Strange writing workshop for FREE!

Click here to sign up. Slots are limited and come on a first come, first serve basis. Classes will run from Early July to Early August. Exact dates TBA when all slots fill. You are welcome to reserve a slot for the next workshop if you miss out on this one. Let’s get writing at the speed of Strange, gang!