The Quiet Place Ep3: Life Is Not A Term Paper

In the opening minutes, Jeremy Maddux decimates the professional online debaters who expect sources for every statement one makes to them. Life is not a term paper.

From there, Maddux quotes from a chat he recently had with Craig Spector about Brian Keene’s antics and what he thinks about them. Quotes provided with permission from Craig Spector.

This isn’t ‘easy listening’, gang. This is ‘Aggro Listening!’

The Quiet Place Ep 02: I Dream Of Brian Keene

Jeremy Maddux goes full-on Howard Beale on a variety of topics, including the myth of toxic masculinity, scientific journals being full of shit, a politician laying the smackdown on a reporter and a slightly ‘meh’ response to Brian Keene excoriating him.

WWS 18: Killer Tongue Movie Review

We’ve got a weird one for you this week, gang! Kevin tried to stump Travis with as obscure a cult film as he could dream up with KILLER TONGUE, but Travis ain’t the Encyclopedia Britannica of cult movies for nothing! He schools the strangers with all kinds of tasty nuggets of info on this 1996 Spanish production featuring self cunnilingus, drag queen poodles, psychotic gay prison guards and of course a talking tongue.

Join us for another cult classic, won’t you, gang? And remember, keep watching!