TQP 06: Neotolerance

Maddux is back to briefly weigh in on the news of Tony Foreman’s stabbing, the death of Otto Warmbier and the coining of a new phrase that best contextualizes the recent mutation of bleeding heart liberalism, which can best be described as Neotolerance.

TQP 05: CNN, Say-a Goodbye to Reza!

Well, this one is sure to lose some listeners, but Jeremy Maddux loses a bit more of his mind in the opening segment as he weighs in on the firing of CNN ‘journalist’ Reza Aslan, who had recently eaten an actual, real life human brain as part of his new ‘Believer’ tv show.

Then, Maddux is joined by popular youtube personality Capn Cummings to talk about the social justice warriors infecting the comic book medium.

Also, a preview of next week’s show where Jeremy plans to honor Alan Berg, a talk radio host who was murdered in his driveway by members of white nationalist group The Order thirty years ago.

For more Capn Cummings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6G3GZ0yhXkR1vl6BCPegw

and his livestream account:

Jeremy Maddux Issues Open Challenge

Bizarro Open Challenge

Time for Bizarro to put its money where its mouth is. If you have any kind of conflict, disagreement, objection or contention you would like to settle with yours truly, this is your opportunity. Jeremy Maddux, host of The Quiet Place, is opening a submission call (fortunately, it isn’t for a fiction anthology, which he failed so miserably at assembling). You are invited to air your grievances on the show.

What We Need From You:

A brief three to five sentence paragraph describing what about Maddux’s remarks and actions you would like to take issue with, what they mean to you and what you would like to gain from this discussion.

It is very important that we make the distinction between discussion and debate. As The Quiet Place podcast functions more as an audio diary than a journalistic endeavor, these affairs won’t be bound by the conventions of vanilla discourse (where jargon like ‘strawman’ lives). We want to hear how you feel, good or bad. Truly, that is the only way to ever solve this impasse that the people in this collective face.


Must have at least two books out through any Bizarro publisher to qualify. If confused, feel free to inquire.

No doxing, swatting or threats of physical violence will be tolerated. Let’s keep this within some semblance of civility.

We reserve the right to reject a pitch for any reason.

The individual whose proposal for discussion is accepted will be a featured guest on a future episode of The Quiet Place will be treated with respect so long as that gesture is reciprocated. That being said, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and sling a few insults. It makes for great radio!

Please submit all proposals to: Sockpuppetwarrior@gmail.com