Kevin Strange’s Extreme Horror Writing Class Now Forming *Limited Space Available*

Gang! It’s that time again. A few times a year I like to put on my teacher hat and guide a few aspiring writers through the process of writing a short story in a particular genre. I teach fast-paced, no-nonsense classes that give you MORE than your money’s worth in terms of hands-on, interactive lectures and one-on-one discussions with an award-winning author of more than 18 published books.

Why Extreme Horror?

Evoking extreme emotions from your audience using violence and sexuality as sensory overload is a tricky business. It is often done by beginners as a way to overcompensate from a lack of confidence in writing traditional and more subtle horror fiction. But that does not mean that extreme horror is a bad genre or that very talented writers do not participate in it.

On the contrary, some of the best horror writers in the business have practiced extreme horror and I want to show you how to avoid cliches, use tropes to your advantage and build a well-rounded, high-impact story that also takes sex and violence as an art form to its very limits.

How’s it work?

My classes are structured as follows: I lecture for one hour a week through a private Google Hangouts chatroom (probably on Saturdays,) highlighting one aspect of short story writing, or one aspect of the genre we’re writing in for four weeks. During those four weeks we will build a concept, an outline, a rough draft and then a final draft that has been thoroughly edited by me that will immediately be ready to shop to the fiction marketplace.

Why learn from Kevin Strange?

I am an award-winning author, two time Wonderland Award For Excellence In Bizarro Fiction nominee and writer of nearly twenty books. I’ve practiced writing alongside other award-winning authors and now I want to share these techniques with you!

I’ve successfully taught several online writing courses including a standard horror class and a bizarro fiction class which have lead my students to publication in small press magazines and anthologies. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from some of my former students:

Writing Workshop Testimonial 1Writing Workshop Testimonial 2Writing Workshop Testimonial 3.

What’s it cost?

The cost for this course is 55 dollars (and can be purchased in my Square Store now) which is far less than you would pay for almost any other class of this level. And almost no online writing courses include over 4 hours of unique face-to-face real time lectures. This is a high-value writing class. Want to write like a bad-ass? Come learn from Kevin Strange.

I hope to see you in class!

Review Beetle Brain Day is 10-14-17

Listen, gang, it’s harder than ever to grab people’s attention on the internet, especially when you’re trying to sell them books alongside thousands of part-time, trendy writer’s group authors banging on your door every single day trying to get you to buy and review their new paranormal romance or young-adult dystopian novel. We get it. It’s exhausting.

But we REALLY really stand behind Kevin Strange’s brand new extreme horror novel BEETLE BRAIN. The story of Sue Ellen the stripper turned beetle queen is so raw, intense and extremely FUCKED UP that we KNOW you’ll love it if you’d just give it a chance.

With that in mind, we’re doing something we’ve never done before and will probably never do again. We’re going to provide, FOR FREE, to the public for exactly one month, a PDF advanced reader copy of BEETLE BRAIN which you can download by Clicking Here.

What’s the catch? We’re offering this ARC on 9-14-17, exactly one month before Kevin Strange’s birthday. You have an entire month to read this novel and prepare a review. Then, on Saturday 10-14-17 we want EVERYONE to post their reviews of BEETLE BRAIN to the Goodreads page and/or the Amazon page for the book.

This signal boost on Kevin Strange’s birthday should launch BEETLE BRAIN into the cultural zeitgeist alongside other classic splatterpunk and hardcore horror novels where it belongs. Strangeville is only as big and powerful as YOU, the Strangeheads, make it.

Will you take up this challenge? Will you write up an honest review for BEETLE BRAIN on 10-14-17? We’re counting on you, gang. Let’s make this a MIGHTY novel TOGETHER!

She Was Only A Clown Chapters 2 and 3 Preview On Patreon

Gang, can’t wait till Saturday to read the new hardcore horror clown freshness from You’re in luck! We’re giving our Patrons Kevin’s brand new serialized hardcore horror novella SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN chapters 2 and 3 a full week and a half before the rest of the world!

Elwood comes face to face with his bully neighbor Mark who has terrorized Elwood since junior high. But when Elwood runs deep into the woods to escape Mark’s wrath, he encounters something infinitely worse.

Gang, we’re proud to give you… SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN chapters 2 and 3!

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