Jeremy Maddux’s Bizarro Boycott

In this brief monologue, Maddux commits to his first boycott, of Bizarro fiction. He doesn’t care if you are vehemently against it, indifferent to it or even if you support it. This is not to impress anyone. This is to simply say that no more of his money will go to paying the overhead on a company that allows repulsive personalities that whine about an ‘evil white man conspiracy’. Maddux also touches on Lazy Fascist Press shuttering their operation, and Cameron Pierce’s sudden regret to have even given his press that name. Why? Because politics… Just like Maddux and Strange said six months ago. This is no different than football fans telling the NFL they’re no longer willing to fund their antics.

The following is a transcription of Jeremy’s monologue:

Jeremy Maddux here with a heavy heart on this Tuesday, October 3rd. Why do I have a heavy heart? Because I have to say goodbye to a literary genre that has been my passion for the last five years. For newer listeners who don’t know what I’m talking about, it was a genre of fiction called Bizarro. Though there are opposing viewpoints on where these stories came from, it’s pretty much understood that Eraserhead Press popularized it to legions of readers with disenfranchised reading tastes and fans of B-Movies.

I fell so in love with these books that I was motivated to go meet the authors, who are mostly based in Portland, Oregon. I saw a lot of good and a lot of bad in my 2 weeks among that crowd. More or less, I felt like I’d found an extended family. I wanted to believe.

Then, I got home. And I started to see more bad than good. Instead of knocking on every door they possibly could to talk about their books, their wares, their community, all they wanted to talk about was the evil white man, rape scenes in Game of Thrones and how Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver was a sleeper agent for male patriarchy. These mostly white people never missed an opportunity to demonize other white people.

They were quick to signal their acceptance of all other cultures no matter what misogyny or cruelty lurked in said cultures, so long as they weren’t white. Now that I had advanced through this fraternal order, I began to field requests from these authors to ‘keep an eye’ on a problematic author named Kevin Strange due to ‘bad intel’ about his personal life, which I strongly felt was none of my or their business. To this day, none of them have apologized to Strange for prying around in his personal life. These people maintained toxic social media presences far longer than I did.

Then Trump got elected. They lost their minds. They literally became ugly people with base, aimless vitriol. Then the gloves were off. I said ‘fuck these people and their disgustingly permissive attitude towards all things progressive’, even turning on artists, other writers and filmmakers who didn’t share their strictly progressive regimen. They turned on everyone from Steve Martin to Tim Burton to Lloyd Kaufman.

Fast forward a few months… They are openly insulting a man with stage 4 cancer and they come after me for taking exception to this. I’m the bad guy for defending an ill man who is not a physical threat to anyone.

Now, one of their own, Tiffany Scandal, responds to the Las Vegas massacre not with sobering thoughts but it seems she can only muster more hatred for the white male patriarchy. “White men are the worst terrorists this world has ever seen.”

This is someone selling you books, all too glad to sell you books about how oppressed modern women are, oh, but they’re just as capable as men while still being victims, though! All too glad to sell them to white men who hate their own color and gender. How do you not see the insanity in that?

So here it is: My first boycott. I never do these. I think they’re bullshit and the people are usually bluffing. I am not bluffing. All told, I have spent thousands of dollars on Bizarro fiction in the last five years. That comes to an end now. No more New Bizarro Authors Series. No new Carlton Mellick books. No more proofreading for Rose. Sorry, Rose. I won’t even buy my good buddy Kevin Donihe’s books any longer, which is a shame because he’s an actual author not a novelty act like many of the people over there who won’t be writers at all five years from now.

I see all this heinous behavior going on over there that they refuse to even see as heinous. All this lashing out at customers, fans and readers by Jeff Burk over stupid social media disagreements. Hell, he did it in person too! Over what? The color blue, comic books, some stupid Howard the Duck bullshit. I see them trolling people with cancer, organizing their temper tantrum anthologies to bemoan the inauguration of Trump and Tiffany Scandal goes and hammers the final nail in the ol’ Bizarro baby coffin with this verbal detritus about white men being terrorists, nevermind that she’s dating one. She took one of the biggest mass shootings in US history and tried to make it about her.

They think they ‘triggered’ me. They love to use that terminology from early 2016. I am not triggered. I am flat out pissed off. There is no happy ending for Bizarro. I quarantined both of the Tiffany Scandal books that I owned. I don’t burn books but I had to do something, so I tore There is No Happy Ending down the middle to symbolize my official break with everything Bizarro. As for her other book, Jigsaw Youth? I used it as a piss mat.

I mentioned Rose and Carlton earlier, and I want to once again extend my apologies that things turned out this way. But, honest to God, they didn’t leave me much choice. People like Jeff Burk, Garrett Cook, Tiffany Scandal, Nathan Carson, Michael Kazepis. They actively work to alienate people, whether they realize it or not.

Rose and Carlton, all you had to do was step in and squash these antics when they were happening. Are you not the bosses? Do you think they would have respected you less or more if you told these individuals to snap out of it and get back to work? Carlton, I want to draw a comic book analogy and compare you to Black Bolt of the Inhumans. He’s their king, yet he always worked in the shadows and he never spoke, even when pressed to. Then, one day, during a very intense battle, he feels overwhelmed and he screams at the top of his lungs. His voice is so powerful it shakes Heaven and Earth. Be like Black Bolt, Carlton. When are you going to use your voice to set things right? Do you honestly think these people would challenge you if you asserted yourself in a way they’re not used to seeing?

I understand there is something to be said for friendship. But I hope it was worth losing this long time reader who truly, passionately believed in the forces of weird, someone who once dreamed of becoming a contributor to this once mighty press. Now? Well, now quite frankly, most of them are beneath me.

Kevin Strange’s Top 4 Feminine Female Characters

In the wake of all of this bogus virtue signalling for Wonder Woman after critics couldn’t be bothered to give any other DCEU films a fair shake, let’s cut the bullshit and talk about our favorite FEMININE strong female leads.

See, it seems like all Hollywood can talk about these days is STRONG FEMALE LEAD this and STRONG FEMALE LEAD that. But what does that phrase even mean when almost every flick that comes out is just a gender-swapped take on the standard male action hero trope?

They don’t always suck at telling girl-power stories, though. Here are my top 4 FEMININE female characters from movies. Who are yours?
4. Sarah Connor-Terminator 2
After the death of Kyle Reese, Sarah must build a tough, artificially masculine shell in order to train and lead her son John to become the warrior who will one day defeat Skynet and the Terminators.

She struggles throughout the second film to balance her natural maternal instinct to protect her son from danger while teaching him the tools to be come the man to win the machine war. Tools his dead father will never be able to teach him.

3. Ellen Ripley-Aliens
De facto mother to the Colonial Marines and eventually Newt, Ripley’s maternal instincts are on full display as she risks life and limb to protect those she cares about while rooting out the fox in the hen-house, Burke, and eventually doing battle with a mother even more fierce than her in the Alien Queen.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Double that when a woman’s children are in danger. Ripley is the mom all us monster loving boys wish we had.

2. Tank Girl-Tank Girl
In a world mad from lack of water, one wiry, cunning little chick manages to disarm even the fiercest weirdo in the apocalypse with her quirky charm and voracious sexual appetite. Oh yeah, and her big ass fucking tank.

1. Harley Quinn-Suicide Squad
Every man’s weakness is a woman whose beauty is only matched by her batshit craziness. Harley can sex the pants off any man she meets and kill him just as quick.

Her mania is what drives her fearlessness and she is nearly unstoppable as long as she can keep her mind on the task in front of her instead of on the voices in her head. That is until the Joker walks into the room. A girl whose only downfall is a man even crazier than herself. My kinda chick.

Jeremy Maddux Issues Open Challenge

Bizarro Open Challenge

Time for Bizarro to put its money where its mouth is. If you have any kind of conflict, disagreement, objection or contention you would like to settle with yours truly, this is your opportunity. Jeremy Maddux, host of The Quiet Place, is opening a submission call (fortunately, it isn’t for a fiction anthology, which he failed so miserably at assembling). You are invited to air your grievances on the show.

What We Need From You:

A brief three to five sentence paragraph describing what about Maddux’s remarks and actions you would like to take issue with, what they mean to you and what you would like to gain from this discussion.

It is very important that we make the distinction between discussion and debate. As The Quiet Place podcast functions more as an audio diary than a journalistic endeavor, these affairs won’t be bound by the conventions of vanilla discourse (where jargon like ‘strawman’ lives). We want to hear how you feel, good or bad. Truly, that is the only way to ever solve this impasse that the people in this collective face.


Must have at least two books out through any Bizarro publisher to qualify. If confused, feel free to inquire.

No doxing, swatting or threats of physical violence will be tolerated. Let’s keep this within some semblance of civility.

We reserve the right to reject a pitch for any reason.

The individual whose proposal for discussion is accepted will be a featured guest on a future episode of The Quiet Place will be treated with respect so long as that gesture is reciprocated. That being said, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and sling a few insults. It makes for great radio!

Please submit all proposals to: